Bread From Heaven

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¬†“Bread From Heaven Cafe, Inc,. is a non-profit organization aimed at making our world a better place by helping ¬†feed individuals and families who my be hungry, but have no means of satisfying that hunger.
The mission of Bread From Heaven Cafe is to establish a safe haven where everyone is welcome to come in for a hot meal, and a food pantry so families can benefit from taking food home.
Our Vision is to provide an opportunity for everyone to make this world better by demonstrating to future generations what matters the most.
Our Value is to extend a helping hand without criticism; to help turn situations around for anyone.


We’ve known Helen for many years, and we believe she is truly worth your interest.

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To make a portion of your purchases go to this worthy cause, just enter coupon code “breadfromheaven” in the coupon code box during checkout.